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Council Email Communication News Archive

May 2009

5/29/09 – Unanimous Decision of State Supreme Court Vacates 4th Circuit Court of Appeal Judgment In City Council versus Tracie Washington Email Case

5/26/09 – Council Requests Attorney General Opinion On Document Production Time and Privilege Requirements Under Louisiana Public Records Act

5/22/09 – City Council Begins Posting Emails on Council Website

5/19/09 – Council Vice President Fielkow Statement Re: Release of His Emails

5/18/09 – City Council Reviewing Over 2 Million Pages of Emails for Release

5/16/09 – Councilmember Stacy Head Responds

5/13/09 – State Supreme Court Halts Councilmember Email Release By Tracie Washington

5/12/09 – 4th Circuit Court of Appeal Overrules Orleans Civil District Court Allows City Councilmember Emails in Possession Of Lawyer Tracie Washington Made Public

5/6/09 – Court Prohibits City Attorney's Public Release of Council Emails until Its Legal Counsel Conducts Privileged and Confidential Information Review


March 2009

3/12/09 – Civil District Court Judge Orders Council Emails Be Turned Over to Court

3/5/09 – Civil District Court Judge Prohibits Release of Council Emails

3/3/09 – City Council Investigates Council Emails Sent to Local Attorney By Sanitation Director without Legal Review